Who we are

Our Story

Hunter Precast has been providing quality precast concrete products throughout the Newcastle and Hunter Valley region and beyond for over twenty years.

As a proud member of Hunter Construction Group, we have a tight and mutually beneficial relationship with our suppliers in Hunter Quarries and Hunter Readymixed Concrete that results in the highest quality inputs and a competitive cost base. Both resulting in benefits that are passed onto our clients.
Over our long history, we have developed our design, manufacturing and install systems to create a smooth process for our clients, as well as a exceptional fit-for-purpose product.
Service and quality are at the heart of everything we do.
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Our Team

We value individuals and their contribution – everyone here takes great pride in what we do. We bring our knowledge, skills and foresight to anticipate what’s needed on the job to overcome challenges, maximise efficiency, maintain safety and deliver the highest quality.

Here are just some of the people that make it all possible.


Jamie Tracey

General Manager

Ben Harragon

Project Manager

Shane Robinson

Production Manager

Kelly Berry

Accounts and Administration

Corey Loveday

QA Manager
troy bennett

Troy Bennett

Workshop Supervisor

Liam Summerhayes

Financial Accountant


Valuing Individuals

Everyone’s important to us, and we value everyone’s contribution to ensure success.

Problem Solving

Our precision-planning skills anticipate what’s needed to overcome challenges, maximise efficiencies, maintain safety and deliver the highest quality.


Our can-do attitude and flexibility ensure the right solutions to help keep projects on track.


We bring people together inside and outside of our business to create smooth and seamless project outcomes.

Challenge and Complexity

We love planning the sequencing and managing even the most complex projects to maximise efficiencies.

Our Group

Hunter Precast is proud to be a part of Hunter Construction Group, a collective of construction and trade companies sharing knowledge and experience to build expertise across many construction types and industries.

Our Projects

Precast Concrete Residential Building
Precast Concrete Residential Building

SOHO Central

Located in Islington, and completed in 2017, this 6,700 sqm building consists of 233 individual, or 1,839 sqm, of precast concrete panels.

Industrial Buildings Precast Concrete Structural Steel
Industrial Buildings Precast Concrete Structural Steel
Industrial Buildings Precast Concrete Structural Steel

Coal Wash Drive

This 4 unit industrial build contained 236 100mm precast concrete panels at a total of 3,700 sqm.