Structural Precast Concrete Products


Precast concrete often serves a dual purpose with it's inherent strength and structural capacity.

Structural cladding, precast columns and beams, and precast concrete lift and stair cores provide the structural strength for residential builds right up to multi-level apartments.

Façade Panels

Load bearing, or structural precast concrete panels eliminate the need for steel columns and are a great option high rise construction.

With the benefit of factory manufacturing processes and quality assurance, structural precast builds can prove a precise and efficient way to construct. In addition, they can reduce on-site trades and the uncertainties related to labour and weather.

Engineered with a precise specification of reinforcing steel, the panels boast both structural and compressive strength properties. With services able to be built-in, the finished panels can be erected and the building serviceable in the shortest possible time.

Typical thickness:

  • 200mm

Max size:

  • 10 x 3.6m
facade concrete precast panels

Sandwich Panels

Sandwich precast concrete panels are an insulted product that by design mitigate thermal transfer.

As the name suggest, sandwich panels have a layer of insulation material separating the internal face from the external face.

Sandwich panels consist of three layers constructed consecutively to achieve a monolithic panel, designed without cold joints on exposed edges.

  1. A load-bearing internal wythe is poured first;
  2. Secondly, a layer of specially designed extruded polystyrene insulation is placed onto the first concrete layer and held by thermoplastic resin ties;
  3. Lastly, a non-load bearing layer of concrete is placed.

Precast sandwich panels typically achieve R-values of R1.4 – R3.0+, greatly adding to the final Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) star rating a project will receive.

precast concrete sandwich panel

Columns and Beams

Precast concrete beams and columns can be engineered and manufactured to a wide range of load specification and are available in lengths/heights up to 13 metres.

Providing an alternative to structural steel and cast insitu concrete options, precast means no on-site formwork and minimal propping. This makes then an efficient and cost-effective option.

Structural connections are a critical component of any column or beam. Careful consideration must be made when selecting connections. We can offer assistance to ensure strength, buildability and aesthetics are achieved.

concrete beams

Retaining Walls

Precast concrete retaining walls are a simple and efficient way to erect such walls.

Precast retaining walls can be flat, tapered, rhomboidal, trapezoidal or curved.

Being designed and engineered to the specific application off-site means eliminating on-site engineering considerations, and the risk of failing due to an ineffective substrate or thickness.

Precast retaining walls can also incorporate decorative elements and textures to suit the location or aesthetic.

precast concrete retaining wall

Lift and Stair Cores

Precast concrete lift and stair cores, or service shafts, can form the structural spine of a build, and as such, structural integrity is paramount.

Precast concrete lift and stair cores allow off-site engineering and testing, making them a safe option for these structures.

Typically this option is more expensive compared to other construction methods, however fewer trades/onsite congestion and speed of erection are more favourable.

Hunter Precast can liaising with the lift or stair manufacturer prior to core design and ensure all specification and requirements are adhered to thus facilitating a smooth installation.

lift stair core

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Our Projects

Darby Plaza Precast Concrete
Precast Concrete Commercial Building
Darby Plaza Precast Concrete
Precast Concrete Industrial Building

Darby Plaza

A-Grade office & retail space in prime Newcastle CBD location. Construction commenced August 2020, and completion early 2022.

Precast Concrete Residential Building
Precast Concrete Residential Building

SOHO Central

Located in Islington, and completed in 2017, this 6,700 sqm building consists of 233 individual, or 1,839 sqm, of precast concrete panels.