Architectural Precast Concrete Panels


The beauty and versatility of precast concrete is on full display in these applications.

Hunter Precast is experienced in both large scale and bespoke architecturally inspired concrete designs and finishes. These products can be stand-alone or incorporated into your build.

Signage Panels

Precast concrete signage is elegant and durable, versatile and eye catching. Perfect for government, corporate, commercial and residential applications alike.

Precast concrete signs can accommodate not only letters and numbers, but more complex designs such as corporate logos, artwork and murals. Designs can be both recessed and raised.

Signage can also be incorporated into the structural precast elements of a build including walls and columns.

Advantages include:

  • Durable
  • Fire resistant
  • Can incorporate power and/or water
  • A range of finishes available

Applications include:

  • Council and park signs
  • Murals and monuments
  • Estate gate signs
  • Corporate/building name
  • Amenities/services identification
  • Residential street address
precast concrete signage inlay

Residential Panels

Make a statement with a beautiful precast concrete home.

Residential building with precast concrete is proving a popular choice for architects. A practical and efficient process for construction, building with precast concrete means much of the complex processes happens off-site, reducing build times.

Not just walls, precast concrete is a flexible solution for floors and even roofs.

The advantages of building with concrete are many, including:

  • Speed of construction
  • Supply not weather affected – reliable
  • Services such as power, water, data precast into concrete panels
  • High thermal mass, providing energy cost saving benefits
  • High level performance acoustic separation
  • Durable and low maintenance
  • Resistance to fire and flood
  • Wide range of available finishes

All panels are manufactured to a Class 2 off-form finish in accordance with AS3610.1.

Read more about precast concrete in construction here

precast concrete house residential

Decorative Inlay Panels

Decorative concrete panels create the unique look and visual interest that can bring any application to life.

Using rubber formliners, precast panels for any application can be inlayed with decorative patterns, shapes or textures, even pictures and murals.

The process for creating decorative precast concrete panels involves large rubber formliners, where the pattern is negatively imprinted thus creating the mould. Laid at the bottom of the precast bed and sprayed with a release agent, once the concrete cures the form mould peels away cleanly leaving a perfect imprint of the desired effect.

Although only limited by your imagination, some styles include:

  • Geometric patterns
  • Brick and masonry
  • Rough textures
  • Timber look
  • Rock and stone
  • Ribs and waves
  • Antislip
sky apartments

See the full range of available formliners from our suppliers below.

Curved Panels

Curved precast concrete panels create a statement for any building or structure.

Hunter Precast have perfected the casting of curved panels and have clad some of Newcastle’s icon structures using this impressive technique.

Most radii can be accommodated for, and decorative inlays can be added for further effect.

Polished Panels

Polished concrete is a versatile and attractive surface. Polishing precast panels can be a clever way to achieve this look in an even larger range of applications.

Polishing concrete insitu in a vertical wall application can prove extremely difficult or impossible, this is where precast can really shine.

Through our supplier Hunter Readymixed Concrete and sister company Hunter Quarries, we have access to a huge range of aggregates and aggregate mixes to create any look. In addition, we can create samples to view so that you are confident in achieving the desired outcome.

polished precast concrete

Coloured Panels

Precast concrete panels can incorporate the full range of coloured oxides to get the look you are after.

Colouring of concrete can be in addition to any of the other architectural detailing such as decorative inlays and polishing.

See the range of standard colours available from our supplier via the link below.

coloured concrete precast

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Our Projects

Industrial building precast concrete panels
Industrial building precast concrete panels
Industrial building precast concrete panels
Industrial building precast concrete panels
Industrial building precast concrete panels
Industrial building precast concrete panels

Ellsmere Ave Singleton

Consisting of 2 buildings, Ellsmere Ave industrial units cover a total of 1008 square metres. It consists of 10 industrial units ranging from 70 to 140 sqm. Constructed using a structural steel frame and full height precast concrete panels, the high clearance warehouse/workshop areas include automated garage doors and mezzanines with stairs.

  • 105 panels
  • 100mm thickness
  • 1,780 m2 total
Precast Panels on Commercial Building
Precast Panels on Commercial Building
Precast Panels on Commercial Building
Precast Panels on Commercial Building

Commercial Bulky Goods

This bulky goods commercial centre is located in Salamander Bay and covers over 1,450 square metres. The build consists of 4 separate units with internal mezzanines. Completed in 2021, the build was undertaken by GWH, and involved a number of Hunter Construction Group businesses.