Precast Concrete Cladding


Precast concrete cladding is an efficient and versatile way to clad a range of buildings.

Cladding in precast concrete is a both an architectural and construction choice. Allowing a variety of shapes, features and finishes coupled with ease and pace of installation, it has proven to be a popular option.

Precast Concrete Cladding

Non load bearing cladding panels for industrial and commercial builds.

Used as a façade, often for industrial and commercial builds, non-structural precast concrete panels are generally attached to the buildings steel structural frame. Available in a variety of thicknesses, these cladding panels offer a high level of fire resistance, good thermal mass, fast and efficient erection and increased design flexibility.

Our panels are available with custom door and window voids, and service inclusions for lighting, power, data and ventilation/air conditioning. Hunter Precast also offer decorative panels boasting coloured concrete, decorative patterns and in any curve radius.

Panels are available up to 10 metres long and 3.6 metres wide.

Typical thicknesses include:

  • 100mm
  • 150mm
  • 200mm
precast concrete panel cladding

Dado Walls

The lower part of the wall, the precast concrete dado panels is ideal to protect the lower wall in an industrial setting.

A dado wall traditionally refers to the lower third of a wall being different to the upper third. In this case, concrete precast panels often installed below sheet metal. Predominantly used in warehouses and industrial sheds, precast concrete dado walls are generally set at 2.4m high and offer security and protection to the bottom of a predominantly steel-clad structure.

Benefits also include an increased fire rating and greater protection from vehicle and mobile plant impacts.


  • 100-150mm

Standard sizes:

  • 6 x 2.4m
precast concrete dado wall


Precast balustrades can offer a structurally and aesthetically incorporated feature to any build.

Precast concrete balustrades make for a cost effective and stylish solution for commercial and residential builds alike. Incorporated as part of, or all of, the balustrade, precast can offer accents to any design whilst also offering privacy and sound reflection.

  • Typical thickness of 100mm.
precast concrete balustrade

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Our Projects

Precast Concrete Millhorn Apartments
Precast Concrete Millhorn Apartments
Precast Concrete Millhorn Apartments


8 storey, 79 bedroom, 81 car spaced building with two podium level terraces. Located in Wickham, and built by GWH alongside Hunter Structural Steel, Hunter Install and Hunter Windows.

Precast Concrete Residential Build Lambton
Precast Concrete Residential Build Lambton
Precast Concrete Residential Build Lambton
Precast Concrete Residential Build Lambton

121 Elder St

Boutique apartment living in the heart of Lambton. Consisting of 15 apartments and 3 retails suites. Consists of 996 precast concrete elements.